The single or double sliding window is ideal when space is limited inside or outside, so as not to interfere in patio walkways or in rooms inside the house. This type of window is often found in basements and bedrooms.

Sliding Window

  • Choice of: PVC or Hybrid (PVC covered with aluminum)
  • Single Opening: A fixed sash and a mobile sash - PVC or Hybrid
  • Double Opening: 2 mobile sashes - PVC only
  • Hardware: High performance for smooth sliding
  • Triple Weatherstrip: Maximum wind, air and water tightness
  • Optimal Energy Performance: *Ask for EnergyStar 2020
  • Costs: $$$$$

Available Options


Sliding Window

Several configurations are offered with the sliding window. Single Sliding (grey arrows) or Double Sliding (orange arrows). 2 or 3 sections or combined with fixed windows. Fits very well in tight spaces.


PVC or Hybrid

PVC frame for the single and double slider or the Hybrid option (PVC frame covered with aluminum) available for the single slider only. With interior extension made to measure to obtain the thickness of the wall.


Colonial or Contemporary

The colonial style exterior sash (pvc or hybrid) offers a classic design and will perfectly match the existing style of your home. The contemporary style sash (hybrid only) offers a more modern design.

Energy Efficient Glass

Double or Triple Glazing

Low-E glass with argon gas. Double glazing or triple glazing for a higher RE energy value, also reducing noise from outside. With the most efficient spacers on the market: Intercept or Swisspacer. Options; Frosted, tinted, sandblasted, screen etc...


Enhance your windows

Give a unique style to the windows of your home by adding grilles. Integrated inside the insulating glazing, the grilles can be painted inside and out. Grilles available; Rectangular, Georgian or Tubular.


Wide choice of colors

Which match Gentek colors, custom color option upon request. Our paint specially designed for pvc and aluminum surfaces, maintains its color and shine for many years.

Standard Features


Locking Handle

Automatic locking handle with double anchoring, integrated into the sash.


  • Frame and Sash: Welded rigid PVC frame and sash, direct impact on the great solidity and longevity of the windows. Optional in single slider only; Hybrid (PVC Frame covered with Aluminum)
  • Hardware: Smooth and easy operation with brass tandem rollers.
  • Glazing beads: Interior for maximum safety
  • Lock: Automatic locking handle integrated into the sash
  • Weatherstrip: Triple weatherstripping for maximum wind, air and water tightness
  • Screen: Aluminum screen


Warranty on our products and installation

The installation carried out by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. is guaranteed for a period of five (5) years, following the date of installation. Warranties on products sold by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. are covered for a predetermined period from the date of purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase:


Energy Performance

2020 Energy Star Certification

To be ENERGY STAR® certified, residential window and door models must meet or exceed an RE Factor of 34. The RE Factor indicates the overall energy performance of a window. All of our products are ENERGY STAR® certified. Learn more and ask for ENERGY STAR 2020 certification.

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