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Three Seasons

The insulated roof, structure, foundation, floor and openings all comply with the building code of Québec.
The Veranda Plus system consists of a 4 season structure with walls in simple glasses 3 seasons.

Véranda Plus Sunromm 3 Seasons

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3 Seasons Sunroom

Custom made and very economical, ideal for new construction or remodeling, this system allows you a multitude of applications; Veranda, sunroom, spa shelter, gazebo and more.
We provide 3 season Véranda Plus windows for a self build project or give us the charge of the complete construction for a turnkey sunroom.
Use of your veranda year-round with a space heater.

Product Info

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    All the stages of construction of a 3 Seasons Sunroom
    - Véranda Plus.

    • Done on an existing foundation.
    • Extruded aluminum structural poles carriers.
    • Conventional wood frame roof with truss.
    • Asphalt shingles installation.
    • Ceiling Insulation with wool R-31.
    • Finish of roof cornice and facia.
    • Finish of the ceiling.
    • Sections of sliding and fixed windows 100% PVC with 5mm glass.
    • 4 seasons quality aluminum sliding patio door.

  • Specifications


    New structure

    • Screw piles.

    • Conventional wood frame.

    • Extruded aluminum structural poles carriers.
    • Sections of sliding and fixed windows 100% PVC with 5mm glass
    • 4 seasons quality aluminum sliding patio door.

    Existing structure

    The foundation, the floor and the roof must comply with the building code of Québec.

    Insulated roof

    • Prevents heat to build up in summer.
    • Retains heat during the 3 other seasons.
    • Waterproof and rigid (4 seasons structure truss).
    • Custom built, fits all configurations and existing roof style.
    • Full harmonization to the existing house; shingles, color and depth of the roof cornices etc...
    • Uniform ceiling height (full height).
    • Conventional ventilation (ventilated soffit + roof vent).
    • Several ceiling finishes available.
    • Possibility of recessed lighting.

    Real glass openings

    • More resistant and durable than polymer.
    • Does not stain (No special maintenance).
    • Adds real value to the property.
    • High brightness.
    • 5mm single glass.
    • Tempered glass wall for more security.
    • Sliding window with screen.
    • Maximal ventilation (50% of the opening).

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  • Glass


    Real glass openings

    The advantages of real 5mm single glass are undeniable, contrary to polymer which is fragile, which tarnishes and stains easily and which has a very limited lifespan. An added feature is that real glass requires neither maintenance nor replacement.
    This system allows us to make openings up to 90 inches in width and 60 inches in height, all custom-made in order to harmonize with your existing house.

  • Warranty


    Véranda Plus Warranty

    Véranda Plus offers a limited 20-year warranty on: extruded aluminum column, glass and PVC fixed and sliding windows.