Financing your project

Accord D Desjardins Financing Program
› Assurance of a business relationship with a recognized financial institution.
› An advantageous interest rate compared to those offered by finance companies.
› Possibility of capital repayments without penalty (before the payment due date) at any time.

Deferred Payment Plan financing (DPP) *
« Pay in 3 months without charge or interest »
No payment or interest charged before 3 months. If the financing is not repaid in full by the due date, the loan is converted to a repayment mode using equal, consecutive instalments.

Financing plan for repayment in equal monthly instalments (MRP - Monthly Repayment Plan). *
› Funding has an interest rate determined by the retailer and the credit supplier **.

* Subject to approval by the Desjardins Credit Card Service Center.
** Interest rates are subject to change without notice. See details in store.