For your new construction or renovation project, maximize views and light thanks to the huge glass panels of the Loft door! Its lift-and-slide mechanism makes it possible to manufacture gigantic patio doors with only 2 sashes without friction and without any effort. Oversized two-panel configurations define contemporary living and allow for breathtaking panoramic views.

Loft Patio Door

  • Frame and Sashes: In aluminum with thermal barriers
  • Configuration: Allows very large formats with only 2 panels up to 12 feet wide
  • Versatile system: Take advantage of a smaller opening panel and a larger fixed panel wide to harmonize with new trends
  • Mechanism: Lift and slide for an oversized opening panel
  • Lock: Three-point for maximum safety
  • Costs: $$$$$

Available Options


Loft Patio Door

Equal or asymmetrical configuration up to 12 feet with only 2 panels (see images above). Add a transom or side panels for even more brightness.
X = Opening Sash O = Fixed Sash (view from outside)


Lift-Slide Handle

Contemporary Loft door handle pivots to open the three-point lock and raise to carry (up to 250lbs with one hand). Available in black, white or satin chrome. It can also be painted in the color of your choice.

Different Options

  • Energy glass: Thermos Double or Triple Low E with Argon Gas.
  • Configurations: Symmetrical or Asymmetrical with 2 panels.
  • Colors: Standard in black or white. Optional custom color.
  • Transoms and Sidelights: Custom-made to create wall openings of impressive sizes.
  • Grills: Give a unique style to your door by adding sealed grills between two glasses.

Standard Features

Loft Patio Door


  • Frame: 3" narrow frame for maximized glazed surface
  • Frame and Sashes: Aluminum frame and sashes with thermal barriers
  • Spacer: Warm-edge spacer technology for outstanding thermal resistance
  • Sill: The anodized aluminum sill offers improved durability and supports fast drainage
  • Lock: 3-point multi-point locking system giving you the peace of mind you want
  • Openings: Tandem wheels and lift-and-slide mechanism allow oversized panels to slide without friction


Warranty on our products and installation

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Energy Performance

2020 Energy Star Certification

To be ENERGY STAR® certified, residential window and door models must meet or exceed an RE Factor of 34. The RE Factor indicates the overall energy performance of a window. All of our products are ENERGY STAR® certified. Learn more and ask for ENERGY STAR 2020 certification.

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