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Energy Performance

The PVC/Wood Sliding Patio Door Perfomer HP meets and exceeds the following energy efficiency testing standards for North America : CAN/CSA A 440 and AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101./1.S.2/A440 and is ENERGY STAR® certified.

PVC / Wood Sliding Patio Door

The Performer HP sliding patio door offers a perfect combination of PVC and Wood for optimum ruggedness.
This energy-efficient door has been designed to accommodate a triple 1 " (25.4 mm) thick glass, offers a wide variety of glazing and a heavy-duty aluminum mosquito net.
This double door is also available in rich and elegant wood finish. This is the Performer HP « ENERGI Fenestration SolutionsWood™ ».

Product Info

  • Specifications


    1) Available with a 5 5/8" or 7 3/8" (184mm) pvc-cladded wooden jamb.

    2) Sashes are designed to fit a 1" sealed unit.

    3) Stiles are reinforced with steel for added rigidity.

    4) High performance sill designed with a 10° slope for superior water tightness and drainage.

    5) All exposed aluminum is anodized to prevent corrosions.

    6) Rugged self-lubricating nylon tandem panel rollers ensure easy-sliding patio doors.

    7) Screen door with extruded aluminum frame and fi berglass mesh for increased service life.

    8) Garden door with embossed panels.

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  • Options



    Frame interior extensions

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  • Configurations


    Standard Configurations

  • Dimensions


    Standard Dimensions

  • Energy Glass


    Robover Thermos

    All our Patio Doors are made with thermos glass, double or triple glazed sealed units with an insulating interlayer.
    Additional Options: Stain, Frosted, Reflective, Tempered, etc.
    ROBOVER glass was selected for its behavior in Quebec's hard climate.
    More info on Robover glass

  • Warranty


    Warranties on our products

    Warranties on ENERGI Fenestration Solutions Doors sold by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. and fabricated by Portes & Fenetres ABRITEK inc. cover a predetermined period starting from the date of purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase:
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    20 years PVC Extrusions
    20 years Thermos sealed Units - Energy glass with argon gas
    10 years Paint
    1 year Hardware