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Energy Performance

The Orchestra PVC or Hybrid Patio Door complies with Canadian standard and is ENERGY STAR® certified.
Reference Natural Resources Canada: NR-6715-12025354-ES

RE Rating indicates the overall energy efficiency of a window.

PVC or Hybrid Lift and Slide Patio Door

The Orchestra Patio Door system has been designed to support large panels. In its Lift and Slide version, in closed position, the door firmly arises on the threshold thus making it perfectly hermetic. With the Lift and Slide system, all seals are completely free and avoid any friction with opening the panels.
Oversized sashes are a major asset for a breathtaking view of the outside and for a contemporary or industrial design. High quality door for reliability, durability, performance and safety.
Several versions allow you unrestrained flexibility, whether you want a PVC coated wooden frame, all PVC frame and sashes or an Hybrid Version (Aluminum exterior and PVC interior).

Product Info

  • Video


    Lift and Slide Patio Door

    • See the functioning of the lift and slide patio door Orchestra.

  • Specifications


    1) 7 ¼'' all vinyl frame requiring a minimum of maintenance with insulated multi-cavities for maximum comfort.

    2) 3 ½'' sashes reinforced at stiles for superior stiffness and optimal operation.

    3) 1'' LowE with Argon sealed glass units.

    4) Interior and exterior cavities are vinyl capped for more refined appearance and maintenance free.

    5) Specially designed drainage cavity system to ensure better water drainage.

    6) Effortless sash operation High performance roller system for smooth operation.

    7) Robust aluminum screen with easy levelling rollers.

    8) Aluminum security bar attached to the frame, foot lock, exterior key lock and 4-anchor multipoint lock.

    Lift and slide patio door

    Lift and Slide Operation (In option)

    Single-action handle lifts sliding door up from its airtight/watertight position. The door can then slide with ease on rollers along the track. Returning handle to its original position lowers door and engages airtight/watertight seal.

    Given their ease of operation, Lift and Slide doors can be oversized, making them ideally suited to highlighting your panoramic view. Capacity of up to 600 Lb per sash.

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    Frame interior extensions

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  • Energy Glass


    Robover Thermos

    All our Patio Doors are made with thermos glass, double or triple glazed sealed units with an insulating interlayer.
    Additional Options: Stain, Frosted, Reflective, Tempered, etc.
    ROBOVER glass was selected for its behavior in Quebec's hard climate.
    More info on Robover glass

  • Warranty


    Warranties on our products

    Warranties on ENERGI Fenestration Solutions Doors sold by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. and fabricated by Portes & Fenetres ABRITEK inc. cover a predetermined period starting from the date of purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase:
    See full warranty

    20 years White PVC Extrusions and Aluminum
    20 years Thermos sealed Units - Energy glass with argon gas
    10 years Paint
    1 year Hardware