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Energy Performance

The Hybrid Sliding Patio Door - Fusion complies with Canadian standard and is ENERGY STAR® certified.

RE Rating indicates the overall energy efficiency of a window.

Hybrid Sliding Patio Door

Frame and Sash: Welded rigid PVC (interior) and extruded aluminum (exterior).
The Hybrid Patio Door is a judicious combination of the durability of the aluminum and the warmth of the PVC. This high-performance and robust door is perfect for light-weight commercial purposes, condominiums and apartment towers.
Available with Low-E sealed units only and reaches maximal performances.

Product Info

  • Specifications


    1) 6 po. (152mm) Hybrid Frame -PVC interior & Aluminum exterior.

    2) Double continuous weather strip system.

    3) Removable anodized aluminum tracks.

    4) Sturdy anodized aluminum threshold.

    5) Interior sash is welded PVC and exterior are made of sturdy aluminum extrusion.

    6) Removable glazing beads for easy glass replacement (if required).

    7) Double tandem nylon adjustable rollers.

    8) Standard single point mortise lock.

    9) Extruded aluminum screen frame and Adjustable rollers.

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  • Options



    Frame interior extensions

  • Grilles




  • Configurations


    Standard Configurations

  • Dimensions


    Standard Dimensions

  • Energy Glass


    Robover Thermos

    All our Patio Doors are made with thermos glass, double or triple glazed sealed units with an insulating interlayer.
    Additional Options: Stain, Frosted, Reflective, Tempered, etc.
    ROBOVER glass was selected for its behavior in Quebec's hard climate.
    More info on Robover glass

  • Warranty


    Warranties on our products

    Warranties on ENERGI Fenestration Solutions Doors sold by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. and fabricated by Portes & Fenetres ABRITEK inc. cover a predetermined period starting from the date of purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase:
    See full warranty

    20 years White PVC Extrusions and Aluminum
    20 years Thermos sealed Units - Energy glass with argon gas
    10 years Paint
    1 year Hardware