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Energy Performance

Hybrid Single Hung Window from the CONCERTO WINDOWS SYSTEM complies with Canadian standard and is ENERGY STAR® certified.
Reference Natural Resources Canada: NR-5957-15201231-ES

RE Rating indicates the overall energy efficiency of a window.

Hybrid Single Hung Window

The single-hung window provides ventilation by the bottom sash that slides up, the top sash is fixed.
With its sliding sash, it is a great choice for rooms that overlook driveways, patios and decks, as it does not take space. Made of aluminum outside and PVC inside.

Product Info

  • Specifications


    1) 5 3/4 po. or 6 9/16 po. Frame (allowing to position the thermos in the warm part of the wall as recommended by the New Building Code).

    2) Welded rigid PVC (interior) and extruded aluminum (exterior) for frame and sash.

    3) Continuous weatherstrip for optimal insulation.

    4) Sash tilts in for easy cleaning.

    5) Efficient cam locking system and fully integrated one-piece interlock.

    6) Central security interlock.

    7) 7/16 po.(11mm) full or half screen.

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  • Options


    Frame interior extensions

  • Grilles




  • Configurations


    Standard Configurations

  • Energy Glass


    Robover Thermos

    • 7/8″ Double glazed sealed unit.
    • 1 ¼″ Triple glazed sealed unit.
    • Insulated glass Sungate 400 with Argon gaz.
    • Stainless Intercept® Ultra spacer system.
    • Additional Options: Stain, Frosted, Reflective, Tempered, etc.
    ROBOVER was selected for its behavior in Quebec's hard climate.    More info on Robover

  • Warranty


    Warranties on our products

    Warranties on Concerto Windows sold by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. and fabricated by Portes & Fenetres ABRITEK inc. cover a predetermined period starting from the date of purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase:
    See full warranty

    20 years White PVC Extrusions
    20 years Thermos sealed Units - Energy glass with argon gas
    20 years Aluminum components
    10 years Paint
    10 years Hardware