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Energy Performance

The Overture Folding Door is ENERGY STAR® qualified and achieves an R-Value of 6.
With its superior strength and reliability, the Overture™ Folding door meets the most stringent standards of the industry.
Complete test results are available upon request

PVC Folding & Sliding Door

The folding door Overture provides full clearance to the outside, a simple and elegant solution for people who adore advantage of outdoor living.
Set of two to eight panels, the folding door uses a unique operating system that allows the door to fold gently to one side, with elegance and effortless. It connects your interior space to the outside.
Our folding doors are ideal for making a spectacular connection with verandas, gardens and more. They bring a unique style to your decor.

Product Info

  • Video


    Folding and Sliding Door

    • See the functioning of the folding door Overture.

    Scott McGillivray from Income Property installs an Overture door.

    • Scott installs a giant folding door, in Roz & Katherine's cottage.

  • Specifications


    1) 6 9/16 po. (168,7mm) all vinyl multi-chambered frame, placing the glass panels inside the insulated part of the wall.

    2) Full perimeter weatherstrip around the frame and the sashes.

    3) The frame is assembled mechanically with metal reinforcement for maximum sturdiness.

    4) 1 po. to 1 3/8 po. sealed units, offered in Low-E only.

    5) Independent locking systems at every other panel.

    6) Security is enhanced with a 3-point locking hardware.

    7) Stainless steel top hung roller system.

    8) All exposed aluminum on head and sill tracks is anodized.

    9) Robust screen system easy to operate.

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    Folding and sliding door system

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    Frame interior extensions

  • Grilles



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    Standard Configurations

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    Standard Dimensions

  • Energy Glass


    Robover Thermos

    Our Folding & Sliding Door is made with thermos glass, double or triple glazed sealed units with an insulating interlayer.
    Additional Options: Stain, Frosted, Reflective, Tempered, etc.
    ROBOVER glass was selected for its behavior in Quebec's hard climate.
    More info on Robover glass

  • Warranty


    Warranties on our products

    Warranties on ENERGI Fenestration Solutions Doors sold by Portes et Fenêtres 440 inc. and fabricated by Portes & Fenetres ABRITEK inc. cover a predetermined period starting from the date of purchase, upon presentation of proof of purchase:
    See full warranty

    20 years PVC Extrusions
    20 years Thermos sealed Units - Energy glass with argon gas
    10 years Paint
    10 years Hardware